Supporting and empowering photographers who specialize in baby photography

As a newborn, baby, family, and maternity photographer based in Guelph, Ontario, I am constantly inspired by the beauty and innocence of the little ones I have the privilege of capturing on camera. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with over 1,500 families from 91 countries, and I have helped educate over 700 hundred baby photographers through my work. It is an honour to be able to freeze these fleeting moments in time for my clients and to help them preserve memories of their loved ones that they can cherish for a lifetime.

But as any photographer knows, pursuing a career in this field can be challenging. That's why I created the Babies & Photographers Association - a community dedicated to supporting and empowering photographers who specialize in baby photography.

Through the Babies & Photographers Association, I have partnered with some of the industry's best photographers, speakers, and instructors to provide our community with the resources they need to succeed. We offer education, awards, a directory list, and more to help our members hone their skills and grow their businesses.

In addition to supporting our community, the Babies & Photographers Association also hosts the best baby photo awards in the world. This annual event recognizes and celebrates the talents of photographers from around the globe and serves as a platform for sharing their incredible work with a broader audience.

As a photographer, I constantly strive to improve my craft and provide my clients with the highest service. But as a founder of the Babies & Photographers Association, I am also committed to giving back to the community and helping other photographers succeed. I believe that by working together and supporting one another, we can all achieve tremendous success in this rewarding field.

If you are considering hiring a baby photographer, I hope you will consider choosing someone who is dedicated to their craft and cares about their clients' well-being. As a founder of the Babies & Photographers Association with experience working with families from around the world, I am proud to stand alongside my fellow photographers in this pursuit.

Thank you for considering me for your photography needs.

with love,