Baby Genevieve - Newborn Home Session, Mississauga.

I took her cousin's newborn images and was so excited to take her photographs. She has the kindest parents Eve & John, and the most beautiful big sister:) They live in Canada, but they have Italian and French backgrounds. So Baby Genevieve can speak three languages. Isn't it amazing?:))

She is 11 days old. She didn't want to co-operative with us at first, but then she rocked the session with her big sister. Loved her images with her sister and beautiful parents. It's just #priceless. Thank you, Genevieve. Love you:)

As a newborn photographer, experience is vital. I’ve had the privilege of taking over 1,500 baby photos from 91 different countries. In my experience, this kind of global reach has given me incredible insight into the newborn photography industry. I believe that experience is essential for any newborn photographer. Having a global perspective and understanding the different cultures and customs of different countries is invaluable.

It’s also important to deeply understand the technical aspects of newborn photography, such as lighting and posing. For newborn photographers, it’s also important to understand the importance of safety and hygiene. Working with newborns can be a delicate process, and it’s essential to have the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure the baby's safety.

Finally, it’s important to have a passion for newborn photography. Being able to capture the innocence and beauty of a newborn baby is a truly special experience, and it’s something that I’m incredibly grateful to be able to do. With over 1,500 baby clients under my belt, I have a wealth of experience in the newborn photography industry. I believe this experience is vital to creating beautiful, timeless photos that capture the innocence and beauty of newborn babies.

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Backstage video - Genevieve - @home: the traveling newborn photographer

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