Handsome Miguel in our Newborn Studio

OMG. It was a smooth newborn photography session in the studio. He rocked the session. I must confess that Miguel was not easy:) But it was totally worth it. We had 4 concepts and a family session which took 3 hours.

He was so gentle and didn't like to be touched. We took these images when he was sleeping for only 15-20 seconds, but when I saw the result, I say totally worth it. It's priceless. I got this email after I sent them to sneak peeks:

Hi Serap and Volkan! 

'We absolutely love the photos and are in the process of choosing our favourites. Also, we are thinking of purchasing the rest of the unedited photos'

You're always welcome to come to my newborn photography studio in Guelph. Send me an email or call me to plan your photography session.

Love you,