Twin Babies Photo Session in Guelph

Wow, I'm sooooo excited because we are now allowed to work. The lockdown period is over and photographers can start working again. It was a rough 4 months for me to stay away from my little babies:)

I miss baby photoshoots so much that I can't describe them. During this lockdown period, I studied brand new photography techniques and prepared to brand new concepts. I've been waiting for the lockdown to end :)

We had a great photo session in my studio with my twin babies, who came as soon as the lockdown ended. Twin photoshoots always take a little more time and are more challenging. When you calm one baby, the other starts to cry and it can go into an endless loop :) But these twins helped me a lot.

Arya and Ahmet did an amazing job in the session. Her mom and dad also looked great in the family shoot.

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