Getting in the frame with your family

How many photos do you have where you are in the frame with your all-family members? Luckily, I have quite a few and each one feels like a treasure to me. However, I, as a photographer, always find myself wishing there were more. I went digging through folders of images, mostly digital, recently and I felt so terrible. I lost my mother early due to cancer and my father to a heart attack. There are very few photos of me with my father and mother.

We have a tradition that we have our family photos taken by a professional photographer at least once a year. I'm not going to lie. Getting in the frame with my family is stressful for me. I like having control and when I am not the one behind the camera, I have to relinquish some of that control. Even so, I continue to push myself to take self-portraits with my daughter. I remind myself that my daughter will treasure these images one day.

The photographs of all the tiny and big moments of their childhood will likely mean more because they can see me there with them. My primary purpose as a photographer is to capture the details of my family's lives. However, if I am not in any of those images, I feel that I'm really not doing a very good job. For this reason, I am very intentional about getting in the frame often. It is really important that you include yourself in the family stories you tell with your camera and I am here to help make that easier for you!

We hear it all the time, we are too busy, I need to have my hair done, when I lose 10 more kilos, it’s hard to get everyone together… We’ve heard it. Many times. Sadly enough, it just never happens. Since we can come up with millions of excuses not to take the time to have photos taken, we may start to forget why it is important, to begin with. It feels like the years are going by faster and faster and before you know it, the kids are all grown up. Every moment that you have together as a family is priceless so don't forget to capture these memories with a photo.

Here are three vital reasons family portrait photography should be an important part of your life:

1- Not only for you but also for future generations:

The visual history we capture of who we are, who our children are, our nation, events, and those we love all go down in the history books. It tells and shows future generations who we were and helps show them who they are.

2- High-Quality Professional Photos to Last a Lifetime:

It is always my goal to capture an authentic moment that is about you and your family...the love and connection you have to one another. When a client hires me, I make sure to highlight every family member because every single person is an integral part of their family's story. These days, everybody takes selfies or takes photos of their loved ones with their phones. Professional photographers have years of training, which means that they know more about posing, lighting, and editing.

3- Believe me, they grow so fast:

This one makes me cry. I remember the moments when my daughter was born. It was just like yesterday. She is now almost 8 years old. I didn't realize how quickly she grew. Time flies. So please please don't say these: this is not the year… maybe next year… not now...we hear that way too often. Even I said it a couple of times. It was a huge mistake.

We decide many necessary investments in our baby’s future – from education to healthcare. Few of these things will bring you as much fun as the precious photos you will have to cherish when they have grown up. In our opinion, your child’s and family photography is another important investment and one which will bring a wide smile to your face for years to come. We are here to serve you and capture these lasting memories of the incredible stages in your children’s journey to adulthood.

Here is my solution for you.

Your Family Mini Session!

Capturing your images is more than….its more than the cost… it's more than the actual photo shoot. It’s preserving the image of you…of your children…and it's capturing a moment in time that will never come back. Ever.

We are now offering mini family sessions for only September. It will take 45 minutes for you to get timeless family portraits in our photography studio in Guelph. We will focus on you and your kids, not props or backgrounds. We will focus on giving you the images that you can hang on your wall.

You'll get 5 fully edited images, 45 minutes session, for only $200.

Photography has to be about preserving our legacy…not for us but for the many generations that come behind us who say…

I wonder what my mother looked like.

I wonder if I am as tall as my dad.

I think I have my grandmother's eyes