First of all, it’s so nice if your baby does have a short period of time where they are awake:)

One of the most common questions I get asked by clients is what happens if my baby doesn’t sleep during the newborn photography session? The basic answer is that we can capture plenty of beautiful, amazing awake newborn photos of them:)

There are many different reasons newborn babies won’t sleep during a photo session – from simply being hungry to indigestion and over-stimulation. You can try everything to make the baby sleep but sometimes they really don’t want to sleep during the photo session. And that’s totally okay. I've been a baby photographer for over 10 years and have worked with over 1.200 babies so far. If my tricks don’t quite send them off to sleep, I’ll start things off with some awake photos on the bean bag. Typically a newborn photo session takes between two and four hours, but I spend a small proportion of that time taking photos. The rest of that time is there to allow time for your baby to be fed and settle into asleep. During this two to four-hour period, it would be so unlikely that your baby doesn’t sleep at all.

This is a perfect opportunity to take some photos of your baby with their eyes open. I uploaded a couple of awake newborn photos.

What do you think? I love how they look when they are awake:))

I only photograph one newborn session per day so we have as much time as we need for your baby to settle. And all babies will fall asleep eventually – we just have to follow their lead. They are the boss:) You don't need to panic. As one of the best baby photographers in the world (I'm not bragging here:)), I'll deliver the best first professional photos of your beautiful baby.

Love you,


Baby Photographer