Well - I put myself in your shoes and hired a pro photographer!

For the first time since I immigrated to Canada, I hired a pro photographer for my own family images.


I was very nervous. What should I wear, what would my husband wear, what would my daughter wear, and how would we fit together? 

I always pose the families, but will I be able to pose? What if I over-pose and become unnatural? What if I laugh too much or look too boring?

What if my daughter doesn't want to accommodate? What if my husband will be bored?

Will we be in harmony with the photographer? Or will there be awkward moments?


Oh my God. I've been a professional baby and family photographer for 10 years and I don't remember ever being this nervous. I was very stressed.


I thought everything's gonna go terribly. Until we got our pictures back.


First of all, thank you so much for your replies about your concerns when you try to plan your own family photoshoot. I see you. I hear you. I totally understand you:)


The first minutes of every shoot are always a little awkward. It takes some time for both parties to get used to each other. It's the same all over the world. As a photographer who has worked with more than 1,000 families from 86 countries, I can easily say this. This is how our shooting started. Actually, I took photos of our photographer's newborn baby 2 months ago :) So I knew him and he knew me. But still, that wasn't a reason not to feel nervous :)


Before shooting, we asked ourselves: How do we want to look in the photos? Accordingly, we made our clothing preparations. As you can see, my wife and I both wore white on our daughter.

We talked to our daughter before the shoot. We told him again what his experience would be, what would happen (even if he was very experienced). We didn't want him to be in for a surprise or feel uncomfortable.


Our photographer Claire, who is amazing, put us at ease with her warm smile and energy from the first moment she saw us. From the 7th minute of our meeting, we felt as if we were born to be models :) It was a great shoot.


This shoot was a great experience for me to understand you better. I was stressed, tense, excited, happy.. I experienced many emotions at the same time. And I wanted to give you a gift. It doesn't matter whether you take your own photos, choose me as your photographer or work with another photographer. I will share with you the style guide with my suggestions to make your shoot go great. I want to take the stress and burden off you and make you feel more comfortable in your next shoot :) Just reach out to me for the guide.


Thank you so much for reading this far. I can't wait to hear from you.