In 9 years, I have worked with more than 1,000 babies and families from 86 different countries of the world. Every baby and family has been special to me. It has been a goal that I am very proud of to give them timeless photos and to make them think that when they go back and look at these photos that I took many years from now, they have a smile on their face and I’m glad they got this photo from me. We are now publishing YOUR STORY Magazine for photographers, pregnant women and families alike to write and guide these stories themselves. I’m so happy that our paths have crossed with you 🙂

Your Story Magazine includes gynecologists, pediatricians, baby and sleep consultants, baby and product consultants, physiotherapists, pedagogues, pregnancy coaches, baby-nurses.

The articles of these names, each more valuable than the other, appear in our magazine every month and their blog posts on our website. You can read the articles on our Your Story Magazine Website.