A Checklist for Photographing Your Child's Most Memorable Moments

As parents, we want to make the most out of every moment we spend with our children. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and forget that time is fleeting. Before we know it, our kids are grown up and moving out of the house.

Research shows that parents spend most of their time with their children when they are 18 years old, with the amount of time decreasing each year as children grow older and become more independent. That's why it's crucial to cherish and make the most out of every moment we have with them.

Taking photos and videos is one way to capture and treasure these moments. It can be a fun and creative way to bond with your child and create lasting memories you can look back on as your child grows older.

While taking photos and videos on your own is important, hiring a professional photographer can help capture those special moments you might miss. A professional photographer can help create beautiful and timeless images that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

In short, every moment with our children is precious and fleeting. By living those years meaningfully and with as many experiences as possible, and by capturing those moments through photos and videos, we can make sure that we create lasting memories that we'll treasure for a lifetime.

Baby Milestone Photos to Capture: From First Smiles to First Steps

Every moment with your baby is special and worth cherishing forever. One of the best ways to capture these memories is through baby milestone photos. From the first time your baby smiles to their first steps, every milestone is a precious moment you'll want to remember forever.

Here are some of the most important baby milestones to capture through photography:

  1. First Smiles - Those first gummy smiles are some of the most adorable and heart-melting moments in your baby's early months. Capture them whenever possible.
  2. First Laugh - There's nothing like the sound of your baby's first laugh. It's a moment of pure joy that you'll want to look back on for years to come.
  3. First Solid Food - When your baby starts eating solid food, it's an exciting time for everyone. Make sure to snap some photos of their reactions to new tastes and textures.
  4. First Crawl - Watching your baby start to move on their own is an incredible milestone. Get down on their level and capture the moment when they start crawling.
  5. First Steps - One of the biggest milestones in a baby's first year is taking those first steps. Make sure to have your camera ready to capture this amazing moment.
  6. First Words - When your baby starts to talk, it's a whole new world of communication. Take photos of their first words and their adorable baby babble.

Creating a Yearly Project:

Beyond capturing individual milestones, creating a yearly project is a fun and creative way to document your baby's growth and development. One popular option is a "monthly milestone" project, where you take a photo of your baby each month in a special outfit or with a milestone marker. This creates a beautiful visual record of your baby's growth and progress throughout their first year.

Another idea is to create a "day in the life" photo project, where you take photos throughout the day to capture the daily routines, special moments, and family interactions that make up your baby's life. These candid photos can be some of the most meaningful and memorable images of all.

Capturing your baby's milestones through photography is a wonderful way to document their growth and create lasting memories. Creating a yearly project allows you to watch your baby's journey unfold and have a beautiful record of their first year.

Here's a checklist of milestone photos to capture from pregnancy to 5 years old:


  • Maternity announcement
  • Pregnancy reveal to partner or family
  • Belly progression photos
  • Gender reveal photos


  • Hospital or birth center photos
  • First family photo with newborn
  • First day at home
  • Newborn in different poses or with props
  • First bath
  • First smile
  • First time meeting extended family

3 months:

  • Tummy time
  • Holding head up
  • First laugh
  • Babbling and cooing
  • Hands and feet details

6 months:

  • Sitting up
  • First solid foods
  • Grabbing objects
  • Playing with toys
  • Rolling over

9 months:

  • Crawling
  • Pulling up to stand
  • Clapping hands
  • Waving bye-bye
  • Mimicking sounds and facial expressions

1 year:

  • First birthday
  • Cake smash
  • Walking or first steps
  • Saying first words
  • Playing with friends

2 years:

  • Terrible twos
  • Favorite toys
  • Favorite books
  • Favorite activities
  • Potty training

3 years:

  • Preschool or daycare photos
  • Dressing up in costumes
  • Tricycle or bike riding
  • Playing with siblings
  • Singing or performing

4 years:

  • Starting school photos
  • Learning to read or write
  • Favorite foods
  • Favorite TV shows or movies
  • Imaginative play

5 years:

  • Kindergarten graduation
  • Learning to ride a bike without training wheels
  • Playing a sport or instrument
  • Creating artwork
  • Helping with household chores

By creating a yearly project, you can capture each of these important milestones and create a beautiful record of your child's growth and development. And you can cherish these memories forever.

With Love,