One Beautiful Newborn Photography Session:)

One of the best things about living in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, is that you meet people worldwide. I have a dream that I would like to photograph babies from all nationalities. I mean from 200 different countries. This little angel is from Hong Kong, which is my 81st country:)) She was born in Toronto and was only 8 days old when she came to my newborn photography studio in Guelph.

She was not easy during the session; she was so gentle, and didn't want to be touched:) But after a while, we get along with each other, and she gave me beautiful poses. She has fantastic parents and 2 big sisters:)) They played each other during the photo session and came to their little sister's side when I needed them for a stunning image:) We also did a Christmas mini-shot for her yayyy.

When I sent the sneak peeks to them, I got an email that made my day and reminded me why I love this job so much:)


I just wanted to thank you for having us in your studio for the photo session. Your home is inviting, and we loved your approach with our little ones. Looking forward to capturing more life memories with you in the future! 

Thanks again for your patience and the warmth from beginning to end'

You're always welcome to come to my Newborn Photography Studio in Guelph.

Love you