From Simple Newborn Poses to Unique Family Moments with a DJ Twist

I recently had the pleasure of photographing one of the sweetest newborns in my Guelph studio. Just nine days old, Lucas arrived with his loving family for his first professional photo session. His father, a DJ, brought along his equipment and asked for a few images incorporating his passion. Though I don't typically use these props, I couldn't resist incorporating them into Lucas's photos. The results were truly magical.

Throughout the session, Lucas was an absolute dream to work with. He slept soundly and allowed us to capture a variety of poses, from simple and classic to more unique and creative shots that incorporated his father's DJ equipment. But it wasn't just Lucas who shone during the session; his family was equally delightful to work with.

We captured some wonderful family moments, including a special image of Lucas with his proud big sister.

I love being a newborn photographer because every session is different, and every baby has their own unique personality.

Lucas and his family brought their own special touch to the session, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to capture these precious moments for them to cherish for years to come.

With Love,