About Our Maternity Photography

As a mom, I can definitely say that it's something special about the bond a mother has with her unborn child. I'm guessing you're pregnant from reading this article:)) Let me be honest with you; it is hard to describe this feeling, eh?:)) When I first came to Toronto from Istanbul, I didn't know anywhere to take maternity photos, nor did I have a studio. So I focused on newborn photography sessions. However, I always wanted to start that journey when my clients were pregnant.

After 2 years, I opened my photography studio and explored the best locations for outdoor photography sessions. One last problem left to solve: Maternity Gowns and Dresses.

I started searching for modern, elegant, chic dresses that my clients look Goddess in. Guess what? All gowns and dresses are the same; they are so fluffy and too extravagant. I wanted something different and couldn't find it.

I talked to my designer friend in my country who has a very successful bridal business. We worked on our collection for so long and came up with 14 beautiful maternity clothes. We named this collection 'Rebirth.' We are so proud of the results. My client can choose from this collection and feel awesome & look gorgeous. The best part, my lovely future client, is it's free for you. We created that for you:)

If you want to book your maternity photo session with me, just email me, and I'll take care of the rest.