We are so excited for Gozde and Alper, who are expecting their first little girl in just about a month. Little Baby Mila is going to be the world’s luckiest little girl. His parents are warm-hearted, intelligent, funny, loving, and, if you haven’t noticed, totally smokin’ together. We had so much fun spotting all the best light at their home and then watching them make it look even better once they stepped into it.

They were so trusting and adventurous, and every time we would start with a sentence like “If you’re up for this…” they would take it on without hesitation. We just loved every minute of our time together. Mila, you are already loved more than you know, and we can’t wait to meet you! See you soon, little girl!

Tips & Tricks for maternity lifestyle photo sessions at home:

Maternity lifestyle photography sessions are a great way to capture the special moments of pregnancy in a natural and relaxed way. Home sessions are especially popular as they provide an intimate and comfortable setting for the family to enjoy and capture beautiful memories.

When planning a maternity lifestyle photography session in your home, the key is to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Start by choosing a room with lots of natural light and an uncluttered background.

You may also want to add some props and accessories, such as blankets and pillows, to add interest and variety to your photos. When setting up the session, make sure to give yourself plenty of time and be prepared for anything.

When taking photos, look for natural poses and moments between the family members. Focus on capturing the special moments, such as tender hugs and sweet snuggles, that make this time special.

When it comes to styling, keep it simple and focus on neutral tones and timeless pieces. Choose comfortable and natural-looking clothes, and avoid overwhelming patterns or bright colours that can distract from the focus of the image.

Maternity lifestyle sessions are a great way for photographers to capture natural and relaxed moments of pregnancy. Home sessions provide an intimate and comfortable setting for the family to enjoy and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.



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